So…why do we have a blog?

We felt called to start this blog A) to help us keep everyone updated on how we’re doing and, more importantly, B) to proclaim how the Lord has worked in our lives and how He continues to abundantly blessed us again and again.

As our family continues to grow and life keeps getting busier and busier, we know that our schedules will line up less and less, keeping us from catching up.  In order to help us continue fostering our friendships with all of our AMAZING friends, we will do our best to periodically post updates on this website of how we are doing, as well as photos and videos of our growing family.  We know that this will never replace phone calls, emails, and cards, but hope that it will provide a means for us to connect even if we can’t find a time that works for both our schedules.

The Lord has been incredibly good to us, and everywhere we look we see his abundant blessings.  We would like to share our stories of His blessings in our lives so that others may know that His faithfulness is not a fairytale – it’s a reality reflected in His servants’ lives.  Amidst this culture of death it is so hard for today’s generations to believe in His faithfulness.  We are preached to every day as to why this world has everything there is to offer and that God has nothing.  We are lured by the shiny, glamorous lifestyle of sin flaunted before us via the media.  We would like to offer, ever so humbly, our lives as an example – not of what a holy family looks like, but of what God’s grace working through ordinary people looks like.  To God be the glory, power, and majesty forever.

We would like to encourage all other couples who are experiencing God’s incredible grace to write about it, too.  Publish it over the internet or any means available.  Media is not evil.  The evil is what is so prominently broadcast on it.  Let us use the media to proclaim God’s glory to all the nations.  Our vision is for this blog to eventually develop into a website where different couples from across the globe can bear witness to how the Lord has blessed their lives.  We are all so different, and thus the way the Lord blesses us carries a uniqueness and creativity that only our God could bestow.  This website would be accessible to today’s generations as a beacon of hope and a tool for learning from one another.  A community of like-minded, Christ centered families.