Friday, November 4, 2011

Thoughts on today

Today 115,000 lives will be lost through the hands of another, with consent from the family. Today, a physician thinking they are doing what is best for their patient, will leave a life-long wound in a woman, a family, and a society. Because of today, 115,000 unique, beautiful people will never be known. They won't get the chance to laugh, cry, love or be loved by another. Those mothers will miss the amazing gift and opportunity to grow, mature, love, laugh, and cry. They will miss the opportunity to realize that life is more than what others think of us. Because of fear, they will miss out on the person they are supposed to become.

I know that the topic of abortion is a sensitive one. There are many amazing men and women that I love who not only support, but also participate in the furthering of 'women's rights' and abortions. I know that they truly have the best intentions- they want to help women who are suffering, who are afraid, who don't have the finances or don't have the time. They want to protect families and marriages.

I understand this and I want to share a story, so please bear with me and continue reading. It is pretty short.

For the first few weeks, she thought that it was the stomach flu. Eight weeks and a positive pregnancy test later, her symptoms made more sense. What didn't make sense was what life was going to look like. With a 5 year old and a 6 month old, a third child was a lot to imagine, especially since her husband was in the beginning stages of working his way up the managerial chain at a local grocery store. For him that meant long hours, long weeks, and little time. With two children, daycare options were more accessible and meant that she could go back to work. Three children meant staying at home to raise and provide for them. Three children also meant an even tighter budget and living off of one income over two. That meant more mouths to feed, bottoms to diaper, clothes to wash. It also meant less money in, more money out, less time for adult conversation and a longer wait before she could make her way in the corporate world.

After the kids were in bed, they started discussing the change in their future. It felt like they were tearing down an already built home and starting from scratch. Plans were shelved for a while, maybe forever. What was going to happen to their marriage? What about their 6 month old baby? How were they going to shower their children with the love that they needed and still have time for each other?

But there were 'options' and one pregnancy could ruin what they felt was in the best interest of their family. With this turn in the discussion, their plans didn't have to change. They could continue on the path they were going, and not have to worry so much about food being on the table and careers coming to a complete halt. Their two children would be well provided for and their marriage would be better.

So, what should they do?

What would you do? How would you finish my story?

Because this is my story. Those are my parents. I am that 8 week old baby. It is my life that they are discussing.

My story isn't an uncommon one, but what may be more uncommon is it's ending. Twenty-five years ago, my mom went against her husband's recommendation and chose to keep me. I am here today because she didn't see abortion as an option for a life that two people made. She saw the bigger picture, maybe not clearly, fully or precisely, but she knew there was more to that 8 week old than she could see right then and there. It took courage, strength, and grace to say 'no' when everything pointed to 'yes.' And for that courage, strength, grace and love, I will be forever grateful.

So today I share this story on behalf of those unheard voices, unseen persons who are missing from our lives. I am grateful because I am here, even though I was supposed to be one of those unknowns. I will lend my voice so they can speak, even if only for a moment.